Double Conference Weekend

Double Conference Weekend

Hey TX Peeps! It’s gonna be a busy weekend! Acufunkture will be doing double duty at both Texas Yoga Conference  and The ACAOM Continuing Acupuncture Education Conference.   I’ll be co-teaching an intro to AcuYoga Workshop with Amanda Field of Republic Yoga. Join us on Friday the 19th from 4:45-6:15pm at Ballroom A/114.  We’ll have an Acufunkture booth on the vendor floor on Friday and Sunday. Come by to get your tongue & pulse diagnosis and maybe some quick acupuncture!

Saturday, I’ll be assisting master acupuncturist & author Mary Elizabeth Wakefield in her Facial Acupuncture workshop on the latest skin renewal and facial rejuvenation techniques

We’ll be posting and FB live streaming on from the conferences all weekend, so be sure to check on our Facebook Page and Instagram!

Hope to see you out there!

Kathleen Funk, L.Ac.

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