My “Natural Botox”

A lot of our working habits, reading on screens, social media, and texting tend to encourage this furrowing of the eyebrows. This technique focuses on the Corrugator Supercilii which draws the eyebrows downward and medially. A few of the emotions related to this muscle are anger, concentration, frustration, impatience. It’s important to consider treating the emotions related to the muscle because when they remain unresolved, the muscles will continue to tense and furrow. It’s not uncommon to experience an emotional release during a Facial Acupuncture Treatment.


Modified Constitutional Facial Acupuncture
Origin: ashi point on the lateral end on the eyebrow ; Insertion: Extra pt Yuyao medial end. ; Extra Point YinTang
Yuyao can control liver yang and brighten the eyes. It also aids in headaches behind the eyes, pain, swelling in the eye and blurred vision.
Yintang calms the Shen (spirit/mind), clears the head and opens the nose. 
– Kathleen Funk, L.Ac.

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